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Sola Dive 1200 Spot



One of the best dive lights on the market, the Light&Motion Sola 1200 is a extremely dependable & bright option for night dives. We use this light as our main dive light on the manta ray night dive – it’s one of the best!

“This light is awesome! It’s powerful, lightweight, and leaves your hands free to hold a camera, climb up a ladder, etc. Rechargeable battery is icing on the cake! Highly recommend!” – Carol M. (

• 1200 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
• Depth Rated to 100 meters
• A powerful LED array using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware.
• Colored Status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management.
• Standard ballistic nylon hand mount allows hands-free use.
• Multiple mounts available, including Pistol Grip, T-Handle, Goodman Handle Adapter and Kirby Morgan helmet mount.


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2019's #1 Dive Operator in Hawaii

with a 5 star reputation

“I've wanted to do this for years and it was as amazing as I had hoped. We were in the water for 45-60 minutes, with mantas right beneath us nearly the whole time, gracefully looping and over and over, often coming within a foot (or closer!)”

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