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Day Dives

Local Two Tank

Hawaii SCUBA Charter

The classic Kona Local Two Tank. Join us every morning as we explore any of over 40 local dive sites. This charter is for SCUBA divers of all skill levels. Come see why the Kona coast is regarded as the best diving in Hawaii.

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Kona Advanced
Two Tank

Hawaii SCUBA Charter

Explore the less-frequented local dive sites offering a variety of environments and structures; from caves and lava-tubes to archways and cliff-like drop-offs. There are no students on the advanced charter, and all participants are required to have a minimum of 25 logged dives. Excellent for photographers and divers looking for a bit more challenging adventure.

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Long Range
Two Tank

Hawaii SCUBA Charter

Expand your horizons with drift dives along the world renowned Red Hill area south of Kona, or Kua Bay to the north. Similar to the Advanced Charter, the Long Range is for more advanced SCUBA divers, with a required minimum 25 logged dives.

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Plan your own charter with any of our fleet vessels and our excellent crew. We can accommodate almost any request - take a group diving for your next event. Also perfect for small groups of serious photographers.

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Try breathing underwater on SNUBA®, no SCUBA certification necessary! Get a feel for breathing on a regulator at up to 20' below the surface.

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Try SCUBA Diving

Not yet SCUBA certified? No worries! Experience SCUBA diving firsthand on a Discover SCUBA Dive. You'll learn basic diving skills, then enjoy a hand-held experience underwater. Once you're hooked, we offer a wide variety of certifications.

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Get Certified To Dive

Get SCUBA certified, or progress your SCUBA education and work on a new specialty. We offer both PADI and SSI SCUBA training.

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SCUBA Packages


Four dives, one day

Our most popular dives in one package! Pair a two-tank local with a two-tank manta blackwater charter.

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Six dives, three days

Perfect for divers new to Hawaii. Enjoy two days of two-tank local dives, then finish with the signature two-tank manta ray night dive.

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Six dives, three days

Are you an experienced diver? Check out our two-tank local, two-tank advanced, and two-tank manta with the Kahuna package.

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Six dives & snorkel charter, four days

The best-of-the-best. Start with a two-tank advanced charter, then a two-tank long range, the famous two tank manta night dive. Decompress with a morning dolphin charter.

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2019's #1 Dive Operator in Hawaii

with a 5 star reputation

“I've wanted to do this for years and it was as amazing as I had hoped. We were in the water for 45-60 minutes, with mantas right beneath us nearly the whole time, gracefully looping and over and over, often coming within a foot (or closer!)”

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